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Terminal block box

Model and Size

Size(included cover) Model File
W×L×H(mm) W×L×H(inch) ABS Grey
Opaque cover
ABS Grey
Transparent cover
ABS Grayish blue
Opaque cover
ABS Grayish blue
Transparent cover
50×82×43×21(knockout) 1.97×3.23×1.69 BC-AGG-4PH BC-ATG-4PH BC-ABB-4PH BC-ATB-4PH
65×74×43×21(knockout) 2.56×2.91×1.69 BC-AGG-4PT BC-ATG-4PT BC-ABB-4PT BC-ATB-4PT
55×91×43×21(knockout) 2.17×3.58×1.69 BC-AGG-6PH BC-ATG-6PH BC-ABB-6PH BC-ATB-6PH
75×91×43×21(knockout) 2.95×3.58×1.69 BC-AGG-6PT BC-ATG-6PT BC-ABB-6PT BC-ATB-6PT
75×125×43×21(knockout) 2.95×4.92×1.69 BC-AGG-10PT BC-ATG-10PT BC-ABB-10PT BC-ATB-10PT
100×185×70 3.94×7.28×2.76 BC-AGG-15PT BC-ATG-15PT BC-ABB-15PT BC-ATB-15PT
100×230×70 3.94×9.06×2.76 BC-AGG-20PT BC-ATG-20PT BC-ABB-20PT BC-ATB-20PT
160×160×70 6.30×6.30×2.76 BC-AGG-20PA BC-ATG-20PA BC-ABB-20PA BC-ATB-20PA
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