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It has few discoloration even used outdoors for a long time by addition of UV Stabilizer.

It protects electric/electronic instruments by using the material with substance preventing static electricity.

It is easy to make without breakage in hole and drill press and very strong against impact by using the material for high impact resistance.

We can supply optimized products which will be made of ordered material you request considering purpose and area used besides standard specification.

  • P series- Integrated Draw Latch, Hinge

    P series- Integrated Draw Latch, Hinge

    As main parts of draw latch are made of stainless steel and hinge is made of plastic in integrated type, it is very strong, easy to separate cover and convenient to make hole or print.

  • Bracket mounting insert

    Bracket mounting insert

    It helps to fix the box tightly as brass insert is inserted in injection molding.

  • P series- roof function

    P series- roof function

    It is designed to prevent the penetration of rain or dust perfectly double as roof is protruded from top and bottom of the base.

  • SUS Bracket

    SUS Bracket

    You can use our brackets to fix the box on the wall.
    Model No : B60, B50, B40

  • H series - SUS Draw Latch

    H series - SUS Draw Latch

    As double lock system, it prevents loosening by vibration etc.
    Model No : L75, L65, L55

  • Mounting plate insert

    Mounting plate insert

    Inner mounting plate equipped with heavy parts can be fixed tightly as brass is inserted in injection molding.

  • H series- SUS Hinge

    H series- SUS Hinge

    To ensure durability, SUS hinge has various application to each size of enclosure.
    Model No : H75, H65, H55

  • Plastic Mounting Plate

    Plastic Mounting Plate

    It is easy to make hole and has excellent insulation property. It is made to be strong with ABS material.

  • H series- Rubber washer

    H series- Rubber washer

    It is used for water proofing of dust proofing in installation of hinge, draw latch or other parts.

  • Key Ring

    Key Ring

    It is a ring to put a lock on enclosure.
    Model No : K40

  • S series- Cover bolt connecting point

    S series- Cover bolt connecting point

    It is strong as screw thread was molded in injection molding.

  • Lock


    Embedded lock
    Model No : SK

  • Integral Lock

    Integral Lock

    It is key lock for only P series.
    Model No : PSK

  • Plastic Lock

    Plastic Lock

    Waterproof lock
    Model No : PK

  • Gasket


    It has excellent water proofing and dust proofing performance as gasket is sealed by super precision CNC robot machine.

  • M series- Recessed cover

    M series- Recessed cover

    Considering attachment of membrane keyboard, it is designed to make center surface of the cover slightly lower.

  • Vent


    It is installed outside of box, which keeps properly temperature inside of box.
    Model No : V80, V60

Model name

모델 선정법
  • Materials of BOXCO plastic products
  • ABSAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • PC/ ABSPolycarbonate+ Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • PC (Transparent)Polycarbonate
  • PC (Grey)Polycarbonate or Polycarbonate + Glass Fiber
  • PBTPoly Butyrene Terephthalate
  • ※ Materials can be changed for quality improving.
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