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Consent to collection and use of personal information

BOXCO collects personal information as follows to be used for the purpose of providing inquiry and request services. The collected personal information is used only for the providing inquiry and request services and is safely managed by relevant laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act. The collection of personal information below is basic for contacting the person in charge, if you do not want to provide it, we will not collect it, and the use of the service will be restricted if you do not agree.

  1. Personal Information Items to Collect

    Required: Name, Mail Address
    Information Automatically Collected : IP (Internet Protocol), Cookies, Access log

  2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information - The collected personal information will be used for the inquiry you requested.
  3. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information - After the purpose of collecting and using information is achieved, the relevant information is destroyed after storage for 2 years.

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