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Dual Door

1. It is swing out panel type and panel is easy to open or close as it will be assembled with handle and hinge type.
2. This swing out panel is for our Nema 4X enclosure and very strong as it is fixed with 4 supports and has good external appearance.
3. It is for R and Q series.
4. BOXCO Hinged front panel is made of aluminum.

**Dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model and Size

Dual Door Applicable Model Product Model File
Size(mm) Size(inch) Model Dual Door Dual door mounting plate Dual Door Set DWG 3D PDF
250×350×160 9.84×13.78×6.30 BC-□□Q-253516 BC-RF253516 BC-RFA2535 BC-RFA253516
250×350×160 9.84×13.78×6.30 BC-□□R-253516 BC-RF253516 BC-RFA2535 BC-RFA253516
250×350×180 9.84×13.78×6.30 BC-□□R-253518 BC-RF253518 BC-RFA2535 BC-RFA253518
300×400×160 11.81×15.75×6.30 BC-□□R-304016 BC-RF304016 BC-RFA3040 BC-RFA304016
300×400×180 11.81×15.75×7.09 BC-□□R-304018 BC-RF304018 BC-RFA3040 BC-RFA304018
300×400×150 11.81×15.75×5.91 BC-□□Q-304015 BC-RF304015 BC-RFA3040 BC-RFA304015
300×400×160 11.81×15.75×6.30 BC-□□Q-304016 BC-RF304016 BC-RFA3040 BC-RFA304016
300×400×180 11.81×15.75×7.09 BC-□□Q-304018 BC-RF304018 BC-RFA3040 BC-RFA304018
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